The Smart Sensor for Feeding Control developed by CTN has been successfully deployed at SINTEF ACE’s fish farm in Norway

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The Marine Technology Centre (CTN) participates in the study of salmon behaviour to improve the feeding process and reduce significantly the non-eaten fish feed. Last week Hamid errachdi and Rosa Martínez, both researchers at CTN, took part of the installation of the SICA technology (Acoustic Sensor for feeding Control in Fish Farms) at the SINTEF ACE facilities, pioneers in the research of species such as salmon and technology applied to the aquaculture sector.

The SICA technology allows fish farmers to reduce significantly the production cost as well as it minimizes the impact of aquaculture by reducing the volume of waste generated from non-eaten feed. This experiment has been undertaken thanks to the funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 652831” (AQUAEXCEL2020).

SICA deployment in SINTEF ACE (Norway)